Originally this blog was to log my yoga practice every day for one year.  Being a mother, a teacher, a wife…I soon learned that doing asana everyday was not going to happen.  I have decided this blog will simply tell my story of trying to live consciously, practicing yoga so that we can all learn together and help one another stay on the path. I want to embrace, empower and enlighten.


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  1. paul reitzel says:

    Hi Cindy
    Hope all is well with you and yours.
    Thanks for sending the link to your blog. Writers put words on the page.
    Good writers bleed their words onto the page. You are definitely a bleeder.
    Blood,sweat and tears all leap forth from your pages. It can be a brutal craft, this writing business.
    Having known you a little bit from Maa, can see from what you share here that my impression of you was correct. You have a large, fierce heart.
    Look forward to following future entries here.
    Be Well, Shine On.
    paul reitzel

    • Paul,

      That is one of the most kind things anyone has ever said to me. I appreciate deeply your honesty and your beautiful language and am touched that you feel I am worth reading. It is an honour to have you on the mat and I know that you are embarking on your own journey as we speak. Stay true and remember the universe conspires in our favour.

      Oceans of gratitude and blessings,

  2. paul reitzel says:

    May your birthday be filled with light and joy!
    re: The Journey
    Posted on November 29, 2011
    -IMHO raising kid/kids is one of the higher forms of yoga. Few things will teach a person more about themselves than child-rearing. So no worries, I think your 365 day challenge is right on track. 🙂
    Be Well. Shine On.
    Your fellow 365’er,
    paul reitzel

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