Expansion and Contraction

This week I have been teaching LOTS which is great.  It really helps me hone my game and works to make my teaching clearer.  Teaching is of course a practice in and of itself.

What I have been inspired by is the expansion and contraction of the breath.  Tapping into this flow that never stops throughout the body for the duration of your entire life…I mean think about that!  Your heart starting beating at 5 weeks in utero (which is really 3 weeks after conception) and doesn’t stop until you leave your body.  The brain is wired to keep the drum beat of the heart going and the song of the breath flowing for your personal eternity here on the planet. The body never ceases to amaze me.

The miracle of human body is however, not where I’m going with this writing.  What Í have been talking about in my classes is the ability to tap into this expansion and contraction and then use it throughout practice.  All living things, to the cellular level expand and contract.  Each and every cell of your body is moving in this incredible rhythm and then working together, orchestrated by the brain and hopefully flowing smoothly for as long as possible.

When we arrive on the mat we are faced with this opportunity to find our natural rhythm.  We can get thrown off by events in our day, things on our mind etc.  When we get quiet, slow the breath and broaden it, it becomes amazing the amount of space we can discover in the body.  Even as the mind stills however, this incredible pulsation stills moves through us.  When we come into our poses we can use this vibration to move deeply.

What also is so fascinating is that when we contract one part of the body, the other has the opportunity to expand and thus, when we expand one part of the body, to facilitate full expansion we often need to contract, not too much but just enough.  To open to our fullest potential, understanding this dynamism is crucial and it can be facilitated by our willingness to breath more fully.


About Cindy Stockdale

A mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend. A medicine woman, yoga teacher, priestess, spiritual gunslinger. I seek truth, light and above all love. My walk is to help others remember who they are and no matter what, they are loved deeply, connected fully and belong to the family of all things.
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