1 month down, 11 to go: 30 days in review

Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, “Grow, grow, grow” – The Talmud

Wow, so first let me start by saying I can’t believe its been a month already and I know that’s difficult to believe because 30 day challenges are hard but I think mine is easier because there isn’t the stipulation of going to a studio every day.  I do my challenge at home in my living room, the hardest part being leaving the dishes or the laundry, the easiest part unrolling the mat.  What has 30 days of consecutive yoga practice given me?

1.  Laughter- I am laughing and am much more easy going.  This is also helped by the fact that my daughter has started sleeping through the night mostly so I have been able to get 6 or 7 hours of sleep in a row. Sleep is a game changer, big time.

2.  Body awareness- I get out of bed every morning with a clearer understanding my physical body.  I can feel the muscles, bones, fascia…everything and I feel so blessed.  I also know that there are many places that are still sleeping after having had a baby (mostly the abdominals) and I am enjoying waking those places back up.

3.  Perspective – I am able to see the details of my body, my mind and my emotional self much more clearly.  I am calmer, less stressed, less reactive and more in touch with my true feelings.  Even though not all of those true feelings are positive, I can observe them with a stillness that makes me able to cope more effectively.

4.  Empowerment – I feel as a teacher that by being a dedicated student of yoga I am walking my talk.  This makes me feel like I am being authentic and living my truth.  The sensation in my body is that I can stand on my own two feet, grounded, and speak from experience rather than from distant memory.

5.  Fearlessness – Because I am working from the heart when I’m teaching rather than my head, I am more daring in class.  For example, last night for the first time ever I invited students to chant with me.  It was 9:45 pm, there were lots of people in the room that I thought would roll their eyes and yet EVERYONE sang their hearts out and we all left feeling as though something magical had taken place, because in fact it had.

The chant?  Om Namah Shivaya.  It means I bow to Shiva.  Shiva is the hindu god of destruction but he also represents the consciouness that dwells within us all; the inner self that is eternal and never changing, the one that will remain when all else is gone. 

My final lesson from 30 days?  My students are my greatest teachers.  So thank you for continuing to answer the call, to keep showing up in the most amazing of ways.



About Cindy Stockdale

A mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend. A medicine woman, yoga teacher, priestess, spiritual gunslinger. I seek truth, light and above all love. My walk is to help others remember who they are and no matter what, they are loved deeply, connected fully and belong to the family of all things.
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