The calm after the storm

I feel like I’ve been through a war.  My weekend was amazing in that I had lots of family time and between our work schedules, me and my hubby don’t get to connect all that often so that was sweet however sleep eluded me.  What’s challenging is to practice when your physically and emotionally exhausted. Rather than skipping time on the mat, I stayed true to my cause and adjusted my practice.  I did some hatha yoga and meditation rather than vinyasa, vinyasa, vinyasa.

I really appreciated this quiet time with my body.  It helped me remember that although the physical aspect of yoga is really nice, I do yoga because I get to commune with my higher self and the divine.  Its a conversation that I miss having most of the time, although I find the more yoga I do, the easier it is to talk to the true self, there’s an increased sensitivity and accessibility that starts to happen.  I’m hoping that after a year of devoted practice, we may see that the two merge a bit more.  I’m curious to see how that unfolds.

A wonderful thing happened to me yesterday.  I had a student come for class and he didn’t realize it was hot.  I knew this the minute I looked at him during class and could tell he was searching with his eyes, ablaze with wonder and a sense of holy *&^!  After class we were talking, and if you’ve done hot yoga before, you know that sometimes you are pushed to your limit so far that you are certain you have seen god.  Coming out of class often find ourselves slick with sweat, coming out into the cool air feeling wet with rebirth and a sense of renewal.  This particular student put his hand over his heart, looked me in the eye and said “you are my family.”  I think this is one of the highest compliments I have ever been paid.  I love that when I unroll my mat and plug into to something greater than myself, I can be reminded and remind others that we are all family, that we are all one.


About Cindy Stockdale

A mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend. A medicine woman, yoga teacher, priestess, spiritual gunslinger. I seek truth, light and above all love. My walk is to help others remember who they are and no matter what, they are loved deeply, connected fully and belong to the family of all things.
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One Response to The calm after the storm

  1. Beautifully written Cindy. I miss you and your heart moving teachings. xo

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